FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the TiDOM and Direct Pay System (DPS) business opportunities?

TiDOM and DPS are legitimate online international Direct Sales opportunities that allow normal people like you and me to better ourselves financially by helping others realize their financial freedom dreams.  For a one time license fee (and or monthly membership fee) and product purchase it enables an associate to earn high ticket commissions ranging from $400 all the way to $22,000 depending on the level and opportunity you invest in.   Additionally you have the opportunity to receive passive commissions from other people who have become your associate.  See the sales page at FastLane Income Formula for more information on the different levels

What is the Product?

You can go directly to my TiDOM personal marketing site  or my Direct Pay System marketing site and by clicking on the products part way down the pages you will find out all the top quality digital products TiDOM and DPS offer.

What is the investment cost to become a direct sales associate?

You can go directly to my TiDOM personal marketing site  or my Direct Pay System marketing site and by clicking on the products part way down the pages you will find out all the top quality digital products TiDOM and DPS offer as well as the investment to become an associate.  You may also return to the sales page for more information at FastLane Income Formula

Additional costs that may be associated with your business may or may not include an auto-responder service so that you may collect leads for your business, domain hosting, a domain name and of course if you decide to do paid advertising as well.  If you would like to know more on these potential additional costs you are more than welcome to call me to discuss this - my contact information is at the bottom of this page.

Additionally there are ways to finance your investment costs which you may or may not be eligible for.  Once place that you can check out for financing is Prosper Marketplace.

Here’s basically how it works:
Borrowers choose a loan amount, purpose and post a loan listing.
Investors review loan listings and invest in listings that meet their criteria.
Once the process is complete, borrowers make fixed monthly payments and investors receive a portion of   those payments directly to their Prosper account.

How will I find customers that are willing to invest for these products?

There are various PROVEN techniques and marketing avenues that are EXTREMELY effective and are simple to implement. If you're like some people and don't have the computer skills, don't like telling and selling then TiDOM offers a HANDS-FREE marketing service where they do everything from advertising to closing the sale.  Although please note there is a cost to this service, but most people see it as a benefit as the commission income levels far out weigh the costs associated.
Once I enroll will I receive any support or training?

YES, absolutely you will. In fact, once you get started with me, you'll have instant access to your back office that has training and resources.  Additionally I have a GETTING STARTED GUIDE that outlines step by step approach to success. The step-by-step process shows you how to setup your system that will benefit you going forward.  As well I am only a phone call away and will keep in touch with you so that your start up is as effective as possible to ensure your success.  Also my Unstoppable Network Community of associates and colleagues host ongoing webinars and hangouts along with a private invitation only community of inner circle members on Facebook.

How does the Automated System and Call Center work?

The reason why 99.9% of the people fail, is because they don't know how to advertise effectively, and even if they do, they don't know how to or want to CLOSE the sale to a prospect.  When you have a system in place that does that automatically, you have now given yourself 99.9% chance for success.  That is one of the primary reasons that TiDOM and DPS have this system in place.
No Advertising by you - Your back office of TiDOM and DPS has various avenues to use.
No Phone Calls by you - Your back office of TiDOM and DPS has professionals that will do this on your behalf  unless of course you prefer to do this on your own like lots of people do.
IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE.  The TiDOM and DPS systems CLOSE the sales for their associate members.

How much does it cost to advertise my system monthly?

If you're not marketing, you're NOT in business. Here's a quick rule of thumb - set aside a minimum of 10% to 30% as your monthly goal once you start earning substantial income - this is not written in stone and it varies per person.  So for example: If you are earning $20,000 per month, be prepared to spend $2000 to $6000 in marketing which will help to exponentially build and scale your income to a very substantial figure. When you are just starting out and if you have $200-$500 for a marketing budget, you're putting yourself in an excellent position to generate sales in your first month.  What your eventual plan would be is to take money from your first sales profits and scale up your advertising budget.  This is something you may wish to discuss further in a telephone conversation with me as well.

How is income earned with TiDOM?

There are 4 ways you can make money and the easiest way to explain it is for you to review the 5 minute compensation video here one more time:

What is a 1-up Qualifier?

A 1-Up Qualifier is where you MUST give up your FIRST sale to the associate that you enrolled with. For each level that you invested in (Basic, Builder, Advanced, Pro and/or VIP) you have to give up your first person. That is one very key benefit to enrolling at the VIP level as you qualify only once.  Once you give up your first sale, then you are now QUALIFIED to receive EVERY sale for the package that you are qualified
for.  Keep in mind that once you qualify, every person you enroll will have to pass up there first associate to you and this goes to infinity.  Watch the above video again to ensure you understand the power of passive income that this will generate for you.

What is a Roll-Up Sale and how does it work?

A Roll-Up happens when YOUR sale comes in at a higher level than you have invested in.   Example: You invested at the Builder Level  ($3500). Your obtain a sale that invests at the Advanced level ($6500). You will only keep $3500 and the balance of $3000 will "Roll-Up" to the associate that sponsored you.

How often do you get paid?

When you make a sale and since the TiDOM program is a member to member commission structure income program payments are sent DIRECTLY TO YOU. You can accept Credit/Debit cards, bank checks, wire transfers, bank drafts, even email transfers as well as cash. You will find 99% of members will overnight a cashier's check.

I've lost a lot of money in the past (haven't we all). Can I make money with this?

Absolutely. If you're open and willing to be taught, I'll SHOW you how to earn as quickly as possible. Most of the people that enroll have all lost money somewhere along the line. They saw the potential of the top tier - high ticket commission and that's why they invested so they can start realizing the huge 5 and 6 figure MONTHLY incomes.
As long as you understand; that anyone who takes consistent action and works hard can succeed and profit with this business. This includes people who have never owned a business before and have no idea where to start. With the right attitude and drive, success is within reach for anyone. This proven business model was specially designed to help the average person get up and running and earning money quickly and easily. Individuals from all walks of life are experiencing successful results and incomes. EVEN people who have tried other businesses and failed previously are having success for the first time with this proven program.

I'm a New to internet marketing and the digital experience. I'm starting from scratch. Can I still do this?

Absolutely. In actuality there can be a benefit to being new over being a seasoned marketer.  You must be WILLING and OPEN to learn, and with the Hands-Off Marketing Strategies that TiDOM have in place, you have the potential to earn some very considerable commissions within 30 days.

Realistically, how SOON can I expect to get my money back and be in PROFIT?

For a NEW person without a list or warm market, as a rule of thumb give yourself 30 days.  There is a learning curve as well as the set up foundation that you will want in place that requires time.  As well you will want to go through some of the training. Everyone will progress at their own pace, some will cycle in their first week, while others will do it in their first month.  One of my colleagues associates earned their first sale within 24 hours just by contacting someone they knew and asked them to have a look. There are MANY earning a substantial income and some are earning a living with this program.

Will you help me build and grow MY business?

Absolutely - I am available to help you build your success, because your success enables success for myself as well.  The only way for us to duplicate the success that we have is by having everyone follow the formula and system.  But I will warn you that eventually you will step into your own leadership and be off and running on your own - but I will definitely be there for you when you want to do some masterminding - and remember you will always be part of my inner circle.

How do I get started?

I'm available and ready to help?  Let’s set up a time to talk and discuss the details of what’s involved and go over any questions you may have.  Just check below for my contact details and remember it doesn't cost anything to have a discussion.  You can give me a call and I'll walk you through the Registration process.

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I hope you can see the amazing life changing potential of this opportunity.  I know this works and it's made a big difference in the lifestyles of a lot of people in a very short period of time. And there is no reason it can't do the same for you.

By watching the videos and going through the site you can see this too. But, we want YOU to experience it for yourself.

START TODAY and with our help you can be in a position to be earning a great income in less than 30 days from now!

As I said before, we are actually working with people right now who are making $3500, $6500, $12,500 and even $25,000 a month! The ONLY thing that separates them from you is the ability to see the opportunity and have the faith and belief to step up quickly and make a decision to get involved!